Our Team

Margaret Butler

Margaret Butler-Nixon

Director & Senior Interior Designer

Margaret has been in the design industry for over 30 years. Her working life has been dedicated to the creative process. Margaret’s passion is to use her extensive knowledge and experience to provide an exceptional outcome on behalf of her clients.
After invigorating Craig Interiors in the early 1990’s, Margaret remains a critical member of Craig & Co. looking forward to mentoring a new generation, while working actively to create exceptional interiors.

William Wekeem

William Wekeem


William has been practicing the art of business for over 40 years. As a fellow Director of Craig & Co. William is dedicated to the development of the next generation of designers and works alongside Margaret and Cassandra to ensure the business is sustainable and focused on achieving its potential.
Understanding and impressing upon the next generation, the importance of client relationships and customer service is a particular passion.
The design process is about the understanding of people’s needs and emotions and this is reflected in our respect for our clients.

Cassandra Sanfilippo

Cassandra Brancacci

Studio Manager & Senior Interior Designer

Cassandra is a Senior Interior Designer and the Studio Manager at Craig & Co. Her passion and experience for Design along with her genuine desire to provide the best possible experience for her clients, ensures a successful outcome for all of her projects.

Sky Carter

Chlaris Chee

Interior Design Associate & Administration

Chlaris is a Graduate Architect, working as an Interior Design Associate. Her primary focus is to support and assist the senior designers in projects and ensure efficiency in the operation of Craig and Co. She has a keen interest in realising client visions in a collaborative, innovative and sustainable design solution.